Student Work Experience Program

Local Grown Salads provides opportunities for students around the world to showcase their knowledge and skills with the Student Work Experience Program. 

Students will work with their mentors to find a project that they are inclined to work on. Students are not limited to projects that Local Grown Salads has to offer, we encourage students to bring any ideas they have to the table. During their time with Local Grown Salads, students are encouraged take initiative, communicate, and have the desire to gain real world work experience. 

The program is student focused, therefore ALL students are set up for success!

When it comes to the Student Work Experience Program we want to see all students succeed. Listed below are some of our company values. We hope these will give students a better understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve with the program. 

  • Values Driven.

  • Open Access Hierarchy.

  • We work beyond our existing skill sets and outside our comfort zone.

  • Ideas reign supreme; not age, not experience.

  • Students are responsible for idea success. 

  • Failure is a learning opportunity.