Bouquet Dill

Bouquet Dill is sweet and aromatic, and can be used in seed form, or when harvested in full bloom. Its seeds impart a sharper flavour when used as a spice, and the leaves have a sweeter flavour and fragrance. Dill enhances the flavours of any dish, and complements other herbs when combined. It is particularly exceptional with vegetables, fish, or traditional homemade chicken soups (put enough in, and you’ll have the delightful scent of dill wafting through your home as it cooks). If you’re looking to be more adventurous, it also goes well in mustard based dressings or sauces, lamb, potato and peas.

Dill seeds and herb are sometimes used in breads and other baked goods, as a kind of intermediate between anise and caraway. Dill is best known for its use in pickling, seafood, soups, and sauces. And for those on a salt-free diet, Bouquet Dill can be a great flavouring stand-in, thanks to its taste and extremely low sodium content. And, interestingly, even a small amount carries a high level of vitamin C toward your daily intake, so it’s both tasty and quite healthy!

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