Licensing & Equipment

The Market for Herbs, Greens, and Small Vegetables is
worth $17 Billion every year in the United States (Learn more here)


Between 2021 and 2028, the global vertical farming
market size will grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 25.2% (Learn more here)


What is driving this growth?

Water Crisis



Rising Population

Climate Change

Lack of arable land available

The traditional agricultural system is not sustainable - our LGS technology is here to stay

  • Our facility recycles and manages our water usage allowing us to use 90-95% less water than field agriculture

  • Our technology is scalable, meaning we can easily place an order for additional equipment to further expansion

  • The UN predicts that by 2050 68% of people will reside in urban areas-this is why our facilities are in cities, next to the people.

  • Consumer’s preferences are changing as environmental awareness increases-Our technology enables production of products in-line with consumers demands,

    including organic, vegan and GMO free

  • Droughts, storms and unpredictable weather conditions are reducing the amount of arable land we have available- our technology is not reliant on land, and we

    actually prefer to use abandoned or pre-existing buildings!