Coconut Coir

Our Substrate of Choice

While there are numerous organic and non-organic options available for growing media, including garden and commercial soils, soilless mixes, sands, composts, and even mulch-bases, Local Grown Salads has chosen to use Coconut Coir as our substrate.

Aside from being organic, Coconut Coir has a high level of water retention, ease of re-hydration, is sterile (meaning no plant or human disease), and plants growing in it less susceptible to diseases, bacteria and other issues associated with more commonly used growing media like Peat Moss.

What is Coconut Coir?

Coconut Coir (CC) is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut. CC is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. It comes from the manufacturer as a compressed form, often a brick or block, that can be cut in a manner with a sharp blade easier than cutting wood. When water is added to the CC, it significantly expands. Each manufacturer’s CC expands at a different ratio, which claims often ranging between 4 and 10 times its volume in water.

Our Testing and Use

In the current versions of our Growing Systems, the tested CC expanded at a ratio of 4 times its volume in water. Using that measurement, we have developed a number of methods to use CC for rapid seeding and growing.

Our CC seed methods save time loss and damage caused by transplanting, thus allowing our seeds grow towers to be shipped pre-seeded anywhere in the world and begin growing immediately on arrival.